You’re smart.

You’re successful.

You’re spiritually minded.

You’re good at what you do.

You want your life to count for something.

You probably have a business or wish you did.

In either case, you often find yourself to be the biggest obstacle to the success you know is waiting.

You beat yourself up for it – because you don’t know how to fix it.

Dr. Lisa Van Allen Executive and Business CoachingAttracting clients, making sales calls, marketing and branding, creating and keeping a great team — the day to day details of your work can be overwhelming. Doubts and fears make your stomach churn and keep you awake at night wondering whether you have what it takes to do the job.

You are looking for the very best in professional support to leverage your strengths and ensure you fulfill your life’s purpose. You want your work to reflect your personal and spiritual values so you can make an impact on your community and your world.

The help you need is here.

Dr. Lisa Van Allen is called “The Biz Doctor” because of the unique blend of psychology, coaching, and spirituality she brings to entrepreneurs and executives like you.

Delivering a high return on investment and client satisfaction, Dr. Lisa has helped people just like you break through belief barriers they didn’t even know they had. With laser precision she helps you identify the roadblocks to success and the ways you sabotage yourself. She shows you the way to hope and guides you to clarity of purpose. Working with Dr. Lisa, you will find the freedom to step into the purpose for which you were designed. We all have important changes that we struggle to achieve on our own. In psychology these are called “adaptive changes” because they require us to grow, adapt, and move past our current mindset, habits or beliefs. Coaching with Dr. Lisa is an excellent way to find the support you need to maneuver through these changes instead of facing them alone.

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